iMonitoring Features

Taking the Guess work Out Of Sizing Nitrogen Generation

High Pressure Flow Metering

iMonitoring advanced sensors are capable of monitoring High flow rates and  pressures, at 1400 m3/hr and up to 40 bar, respectively. 

Cost Saving reports

iMonitoring tells you how much you have saved with nitrogen generation each month. It does this by calculating your monthly savings when compared to bottle banks or liquid storage vessels. This can then be printed as a report and sent via email or accessed online via your iMonitoring dashboard. 

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Leak Detection Audit

iMonitoring will inform you and your customers if there is a leak on your system or further down stream.

Peak Gas Consumption

For some applications, sizing a nitrogen system based on an average consumption value is just not good enough! Our iMonitoring device, not only tells you what the peak flowrate is but exactly when it occurred! Call us today to have you application monitored by our in house specialist.

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Integrate iMonitoring With Any Nitrogen Generator

The Most Advanced Nitrogen Consumption & Profile Scanner Gives You More Than Just A Competitive Edge


Our Advanced monitoring systems “iMonitoring” allows customers to monitor the cost of their nitrogen production on their phone, iPad or any web application.
iMonitoring also sends customers a notification via text or email, about any status changes on your nitrogen equiment.


Our Pay-Per-Use offering is flexible and enables customers to keep control of their costs. As a result nitrogen users have all the benefits of onsite nitrogen generation but only pay for the nitrogen they use. Servicing and maintenance call outs are all inclusive in the pricing.


Our dedicated service team of Industry experts are always ready to take your calls and support you with all your applications.

IoT Sensors

Gas, Electricity and Productivity meters. These sensors collect data about your systems performance and enables managers in your company make informed cost saving decisions and implement predictive maintenance applications.

We build devices and systems at the for front of the industrial revolution. Nitrogen is generated and stored at high pressure, ready for use on demand. All our systems can provide customers with insights on the cost of nitrogen production and its utilization through the working day. Furthermore, our unrivaled expertise in industrial application such as laser cutting enable us to specify nitrogen purity for optimum quality.

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