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For all your Laser cutting Needs

We build products at the for front of the industrial revolution. Nitrogen is generated and stored at high pressure, ready for you to use on demand. All our systems can provide customers with insights on the cost of nitrogen production and its usages through the working day. Furthermore, our unrivaled expertise in industrial application such as laser cutting and autoclave application enable us to specify nitrogen purity for optimum laser cutting and fire prevention, respectively.


Industry Focused Features!


Our Advanced monitoring systems “iMonitoring” allows customers to monitor the cost of their nitrogen production on their phone, iPad or any web application.
iMonitoring also allows customers to receive notification via text or other electronic device, and monitor the systems.


Our “OnDemand” application enables Customers to save thousands. With OnDemand, customers have all the benefits of Onsite nitrogen Generation and only pay for the nitrogen they use. 


Our dedicated service team of Industry experts are always ready to take your calls and support you with all your applications.

IoT Sensors

Gas, Electricity and Productivity meters. These sensors collect data about your systems performance and allows managers to make informed cost saving decisions and implement predictive maintenance applications.

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