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Nitrogen Generation Systems
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We Monitor Your Nitrogen Generators 24/7

iMonitoring sensors add an extra layer of support. If you are running low on nitrogen, an alarm will be generated and sent to your email. NSC service teams, will also be notified of any alarms, enabling proactive technical support.

Try Before You Buy

Are you interested in nitrogen generation but would like to try one out before you make a commitment? Our try before you buy offering is great to help N2 users start reaping the benefits of nitrogen generation. Call us to find out more.

Cost Saving Report

Our Nitrogen generators tell you how much you have saved each month. Calculate your monthly savings when compared to bottle banks and liquid storage vessel. Reports are displayed on the iMonitoring platform and are accessible via mobile, tablet and email 

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The First generator to Monitor And Report Energy usage
Powered by iMonitoring

iMonitoring powered Nitrogen systems are the only generator with the sensors, intelligence, and automation capable of monitoring and reporting consumption data direct to your dashboard.